Club Fees & Additional Club Information

Below are the Club Fees, Base price for this UPCOMING 2018-2019 season.

The fee for our U13's, U14's, U15's, U16's & U17's teams will be $2,550 per player.

The fee for our fee for U11's & U12’s teams will be $2,250.00 per player.

The fee for our 18's team will be $2,550.00 per player (this fee may go up slightly if a 3rd Qualifier is added). 

Payment Structure

All members that would like to utilize our payment plan may do so as follows:  an Initial Payment in the amount of $650 must be paid on the night of commitment night.  This year commitment night will be Monday, November 12, 2018.  Actual times TBD.

For the U13's through the U18's, The remaining balance of $1,900.00 will be divided into 5 equal monthly payments in the amount of $380.00 each.

For the U11's & U12's, The remaining balance of $1,600.00 will be divided into 5 equal monthly payments in the amount of $320.00 each.

Payments will be due and Auto drafted on the 5th of each month starting December 5th, followed by January 5, February 5, March 5 and April 5, 2019.  Those that choose to make payments will also need to sign up for our Auto Payment Service and will be subject to their processing fees.

ADDITIONAL Terms and/or Special Arrangements can possibly be made if needed.  To discuss other potential options, please contact the Director, Omar Rodriguez at (209)640-1442.

What does your Club membership include and pay for?

Uniforms - A Uniform Package is included in the Club fee.  Each player will receive a Uniform Package that consists of 2 jerseys (2 different colors), 1 spandex, a pair of socks, a set of knee pads, a backpack and a set of Warm-ups.  It also includes all the costs for the necessary screen printing, lettering, numbering and embroidery as needed.  It does NOT include Tennis Shoes.  Additional items, such as an additional Spandex, socks, etc..... of our uniform package may be purchased separately, as our season begins.

Tournament fees -  Most of our teams will play in the following Tournaments:

*Cal-Kickoff (2-Day Tournament during Martin Luther King weekend).

*President Tournament (3 -Day Tournament during Presidents weekend).

*Golden State Classic (2-Day Tournament in early March).

*Far Westerns Qualifier in Reno! - (3 - Day Tournament in mid April.

League Play -  Every Team will play in a League.  Most of our teams will play in a League called Power League.  Power League consists of a 2 day Qualifier, 3 individual play dates and then a 2 day Championship Tournament at the end of the Season.   Premier League, is very similar, but has a 1 day Qualifier, 4 individual play dates and then a 2 day Championship.  Both Power and Premier Leagues have  a total of 7 days of playing.  League play dates and locations will vary among the different age groups.  These dates and locations will be posted as soon as possible.  

Practices - Each team will practice 2 hours a day, at least twice a week.  Additional practices may be added at the coaches discretion and upon facility availability.  All practices are expected to take place at our own Xplosion Training Facility located at 7505 Eleventh St. in Tracy, Ca.  In the event that our facility becomes unavailable for some unforseen reason, practices would then be at various locations within Tracy City limits.

Practice schedules will be posted on our Website as soon as we can determine our actual teams.  To give you an idea, most teams will practice either a Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.  Once we determine the best possible scenario for everyone, we will post them, and they will then most likely remain the same for the entire season.  Although, please be aware that they can always change on a moments notice for one reason or other.  If this happens, everyone will be notified immediately.  Practices will begin right after the Thanksgiving break.  Immediately after, they will practice 3 weeks in December, break for Winter Holidays, and then resume the first week in January after the New Year.  Our practices will continue every week until our season ends.  Most teams will end their Season by the second weekend in May.

What else does it cover? - Coaches Salaries, our Training Facility (rent), Utilities, Training Equipment, Marketing, etc......

What is NOT included in the Base price?

Coaches Expenses - Coach’s expenses are expenses that are incurred additionally by our coaches as they attend the various tournaments.  These expenses are items such as Overnight stays in Hotels, Parking, Bridge tolls, Meals we pay for when spending and overnight, etc...  Since these costs can differ from team to team, these expenses are not included in the Club fees.  These expenses will be added all up towards the end of the season and then divided by the number of participants from each team.  Xplosion will pay for these expenses in advance and float these expenses until about 1 week prior to our teams departure to Reno in mid April.  At that time, we will then need to collect these fees.  To give you an idea, our previous year, the total cost each player paid was $185 for the entire season.