Coaching Staff for our upcoming 2018-2019 Season.

Team 12-1, Coach Paul Lee

​Team 13-1, Coach TBD

​Team 14-1, Coach TBD

​Team 14-2, Coach TBD

Team 15-1, Coach Noah Fithian & Coach Michell Laban

​Team 15-2, Coach TBD

Team 16-1, Coach Chuck Sterni

​Team 16-2, Coach TBD

Team 17-1, Coach June SauSau

Team 18-1, Coach Samir Moshref

Coach Rosalinda Rodriguez - Head Club Coach - Team TBD

​Coach Mike Nunes - Assistant to all teams.

Coach - Sabrina Noguez - Team TBD

Coach Merinessa Saaga - Team TBD

Coach Jenny Barwig - Team TBD

​Coach Kelly Markham - Team TBD

Omar Rodriguez - Director

(Additional Coaching staff will be added to this page as we get closer to Tryouts)