Step 4.     REGISTER your daughter HERE for Xplosion Volleyball TRYOUTs!

Pre-REGISTRATION cost = $40        Onsite Registration cost = $50

(CLICK Here to begin the Pre-Registration process for TRYOUTS)

It is Highly recommended you PRE-REGISTER with us before you arrive at our facility for our Tryouts!

If you are planning on registering on-site, be absolutely sure to have Step 2 (NCVA membership) completed before your arrival.  All participants must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tryout!

After you complete our Pre-Registration process, please be sure to bring the following items to our Tryouts with you:

1.    Proof of Xplosion Volleyball Pre-Registration(this can be the email confirmation or simply bring the participants ID).

2.   A Copy of your NCVA Membership (obtained by registering on NCVA in Step 2).

3.   A filled out MEDICAL Release form (Click here to download Medical form)

4.   A filled out PLAYER INFORMATION form (Click here to download Player information form)

5.   A filled out PHOTO-and-VIDEO RELEASE form (Click here to download Release form)

6.  Plenty of Water.

7.   Proper athletic attire including knee pads if possible.

8.   A positive Attitude with lots of High Energy.

*Parents please be aware, all participants must be checked in by one of their Parents or a Legal Gaurdian.

**Tryouts are Closed to all non-participants. 

Step 2.     Register the participant directly with the NCVA.

By registering her with the NCVA, it allows her to attend our tryouts, practices and participate with us the entire 2019-2020 season at any venue and any event sanctioned by both the NCVA (Northern California Volleyball Association) and the USAV.  This is not an option, this is a requirement.  This mainly covers liability for all. 

As you complete the online registration process with the NCVA, please be sure to PRINT out your NCVA Membership Card and a Copy of the Medical Release form, as we will ask for these 2 items upon Check-in on the day of Tryouts. 

To Register a participant with the NCVA, Click the following link:

MAKE UP TRYOUTS will take place Everyday until ALL spots are filled.

For further information you can call us at 209-640-1442.

All tryouts will take place at Xplosion's Training Facility located at 7505 Eleventh St. in Tracy, Ca

Step 1.     Determine your daughters Age Group by matching her date of birth with the age definition chart provided below:

Registration for the upcoming 2019-2020 Tryouts is NOW OPEN!

 Pre-Registering your daughter for our upcoming Tryouts is HIGHLY recommended!  Follow the instructions provided below.

Step 3.     Determine the participants Tryout Date and Time slot by age group.