If you are interested in our Sponsorship Program and becoming one of our sponsors, please read below:

     As many of you may know, every season parents continuously struggle to afford to pay for their childrens after school sports programs.  This year, Xplosion Volleyball has come up with a clever way, where a business or an individual, can help a player in need of financial support.   We feel that this sponsorship program can benefit both our Players and the Sponsor (who will receive tons of Advertising exposure and Instant good KARMA).  Xplosion Volleyball is a Premier Volleyball Club that has been established now for the past 5 years in Tracy, Ca.  In that short amount of time, Xplosion Volleyball has continuously grown leaps and bounds each year.  Along with that participant growth, on Oct 1st, 2015, Xplosion Volleyball has opened the doors to their own, Private, State-of-the-Art, 6,000 sqft. Indoor Training Facility also know as "XTF".  Now, with a full season behind us at our own training facility, we have come to realize that with the combination of both our Training Facility and our Website, we receive on a daily basis a HUGE amount of traffic (Physically and Virtually).

With that said, we would like to propose the following Sponsorship Program called,

"Help our Kids Pay to Play".

     It's simple, for a $500 Sponsorship fee, Xplosion Volleyball will obtain a 3’ x 6’ Banner (custom designed by our local designer and the sponsor) for advertising purposes and we will display it up on our facility wall for an entire year (ending August  2017).  In addition to the displaying of the banner, where everyone will see on a daily basis, we will also include the sponsors Logo or Business card on our Website.   In addition,we can include a Hyperlink directing them directly to either their Business Website or a Facebook Business Fan Page on our Sponsors page.  With this opportunity, The individual being sponsored, will receive 100% of all proceeds given by the Sponsor minus the cost of the banner to be made (which is about $100) directly added (or in this case deducted) from their account.

(Any and all Sponsorships must first be Approved prior by Xplosion Volleyball, prior to commencing, producing and endorsing any sponsored in our facility).

     If you or anyone else has any additional questions or concerns about this Amazing Opportunity to "Help our Kids Pay to

Play Program", please feel free to give our Director a call directly.

Please make checks payable to “Xplosion Volleyball” and please add the Name of the Participant you’d like to sponsor at the bottom of the check in the memo.

*If you are simply just someone that would LOVE to Sponsor an individual for any specific reason in any amount and would like us to facilitate that as well, please contact us immediately and we can help facilitate that too!  Unfortunately, we know so many kids that would love to Play Volleyball, but their parents simply just can’t afford it.  So if you'd like to make a contribution in any denomination, and possibly make a kids dream a reality, go ahead and give us a call today.

Your generosity is truly appreciated!


Omar Rodriguez
Xplosion Volleyball

Music Systems

Xplosion Volleyball would like to say,

Thank you!

to all of these Amazing Businesses who continuously Support our club.

Johnny's Diner